A 6 week challenge with prizes to be won!





Find YOUR practice, every body, every level welcome.


Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned yogi, there are classes for you.


Daily positive energy and a place to track YOUR yoga journey.


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My aim is to share the incredible benefits of yoga with as many people as possible. It’s had such an amazing impact on my life, shifting my outlook and making me strong, happy, healthy and calm.

Let me help and inspire you!

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Full-length yoga classes, multi-day courses, Yoga For Life month long challenge and a collection of meditations, I am here to support you on your yoga journey whenever you need it and wherever you are in the world.

Options for all levels

Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned yogi, there are classes on the app to suit your needs. The classes provide clear instructions and modifications to meet you where you are in your practice.


Don’t have a lot of time? That’s ok, I’ve got you! I have created a variety of classes and meditations ranging from 5 minutes to one hour +. So if you’re short on time you can still practice and be inspired.


I ended up buying an iPad just for your app… just wanted to let you know it was absolutely worth it. I am loving it, just looking forward to getting enough moments to practice.


I’m only a “yogi” thanks to you being the teacher. Your yoga flows are the only ones I do. I just love them and they have done wonder for my mind and body.


Hi Hannah, I have just done my first class with you. Such a wonderful class. Having done yoga for 27 years nearly I find hard to enjoy a class without finding fault. Yours was just perfect.


I love the mix of power and strength classes, and the calming flows to help lower stress and anxiety.



The Hannah Barrett Yoga App is free to download!
We have 8 FREE classes available + Daily Positive Energy messages to power up your day. The free classes range from a calming meditation to powerful and dynamic vinyasa classes!
Want to unlock EVERYTHING?!
We have three subscription options:
£19.99/month £77.99/6 months (working out to £13/month)
£129.99/year (working out to £10.83/month!)
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Yes!!  The Hannah Barrett Yoga App has something for everyone.  I’ve created some slower, beginner friendly classes and provide modifications in all classes to ensure the practice suits your body.

New classes are added monthly. I am always creating new content to give YOU the classes you want and to keep inspiring your practice.
There is a private members Facebook Community where you can request new classes or just drop me an email at

There are a HUGE variety of classes on the app!  They are organised into categories:

• Yoga for Life 28 day challenge
• Power & Strength
• Morning & Evening
• Flexibility
• Balance
* Stress & Anxiety
• Postnatal
• Meditate & Breathe
• Let’s flow

The classes range from 5 minutes to 60 minutes +.  I teach a creative vinyasa flow style of yoga. This means most classes will have a yoga flow, where we connect postures together into a sequence and link them to the breath. My favourite way to flow!

Yes yes yes! Your Profile will help you keep track of your yoga journey. AND there’s a Daily Yoga Reminder to give you a gentle reminder to get on your mat or find some stillness.

You can download it HERE from iTunes. Or HERE from Google Play.

Yes yes yes! There are a huge variety of classes on the app including classes to challenge and grow your practice.  Remember I am also here to drop any requests to – either do so via the FaceBook group or drop me an email
All you’ll need is some space and a yoga mat!
If you plan on practicing regularly, you may decide to invest in some props (as your budget allows):
  • A couple of yoga blocks
  • A yoga strap
  • And perhaps some pillows for the restorative classes!

BUT – Don’t worry about going out and buying all the props to get started!  You can start today and figure out what you need.  There are lots of home hold objects you can sub in as blocks and a strap (cushions and a dressing gown belt can work really well!)
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*In order to avoid being charged the monthly fee please remember to cancel the subscription if you no longer wish to have full access to the app.