Do you want to get back into exercise after having a baby but don’t where or how to safely start?

Strength Through Yoga is a postnatal eguide that ensures a safe and effective journey to restoring strength, and to support you in both body and mind. It is a 16-week programme that is evidence based, co-written by a physiotherapist and has been reviewed by medical professionals.

The ebook includes six weeks of physiotherapy based exercises followed by ten weeks of yoga inspired circuits designed to increase full body strength and flexibility in just 25-30 minutes, 3 times a week. Additionally we have included information and advice on the core and other essential muscles, mindfulness and mediation techniques, and common postpartum issues – shedding some light on issues which can be hard to talk about and giving you information on what you can do to help. If you take one thing away from this ebook, know that you are not alone and help is out there.

What’s Inside?

  • A 16-week programme – reviewed by medical experts
  • Split into three stages:
    • Stage 1: pelvic floor and core activation, and anxiety reducing exercises and meditation
    • Stage 2: fundamental strengthening exercises and vital stretches within the first six weeks
    • Stage 3: 10 weeks of yoga inspired circuits designed to increase strength and flexibility, and to help with weight loss. Each circuit is designed to take just 25-30 minutes, 3 times a week. Each circuit focuses on core, arms or legs to ensure a full body approach to recovery
  • The intensity of the programme gradually increases to ensure you build muscle and continually improve
  • We provide exercise modifications and watch points to ensure you are exercising safely and engaging the correct muscles to help achieve your goals
  • A detailed appendix of the poses and exercises to ensure that you fully understand how to perform the exercises correctly and safely
  • For ALL mothers. Whether you gave birth yesterday or ten years ago, the foundational exercises and techniques we cover are beneficial for everyone
  • We include information on common postnatal issues and myth busters – shedding some light on issues which can be hard to talk about and giving you information on what you can do to help
  • Learn how to incorporate mindfulness, breathing techniques and meditation into your daily life. Use these tools to provide inner strength and help you feel empowered
  • Learn about your core – the muscles involved, how to correctly engage them and how the muscles work together to help reduce diastasis recti and prevent pelvic floor related issues (such as incontinence)
  • Over 200 pages of content
  • Downloadable onto any device so you can take it with you anywhere
  • Easy to do in the comfort of your own home



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