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30th September 2022

Is a morning routine actually worth it?

The short answer, yes! And here’s a little on why…

Taking time to centre yourself in the morning allows you to find clarity for the day ahead.To gain focus, prioritise your time and stay motivated and prepare your mind and body for a day where you control our schedule rather than your schedule controlling you.

A morning routine doesn’t have to look like a wake up of 5:30am and 2 hours of ritual. It can be as simple as getting up 15 minutes early, doing a mindful yoga flow and getting outside for a moment of calm.

Ten reasons why you need a morning routine in your life:

  1. Set your day up for the best chance of success

    The first things you do after opening your eyes will influence the rest of your day. Imagine how different you’d feel if instead of grabbing your phone and immersing yourself in social media, stressful emails or clickbait news articles, you had some mindful happy habits that helped you feel connected, energised and focussed. Wouldn’t it put you in the best frame of mind for the day ahead?

  2. Increase productivity and focus

    Taking a moment to centre yourself will help give you the clarity for the day ahead to help you prioritise your time and see “the wood from the trees”. Sometimes we just need to take that step back and pause to see the full picture and what needs our effort and what can wait.

  3. Lower stress

    Life can feel stressful when you feel out of control and un-centred. A morning that starts with screens also adds more stress and anxiety as you’re being bombarded by stimuli. Giving you no time and space to start your day calmly. A morning routine can help you avoid this stress and improve you mental and physical health.

  4. Develop healthy habits

    Healthy habit, or “happy habits” as I like to call them, tend to have a ripple effect through your life. For example, starting to include meditation into each morning and quickly you will notice the positive impact it has on your day. In turn this will motivate you to avoid the bad habits and include more happy habits into your day to have a positive effect on your life.

  5. Boost energy levels

    Many studies have found that exercising in the morning doesn’t reduce energy for the day ahead but in fact, provides a boost that will last you through the day and make you more productive!

  6. Improve relationships

    This is linked to lowering stress, because when we are less stressed we are less likely to snap at friends and family. A morning routine also helps improve mindfulness which studies have shown improves connection, acceptance and satisfaction in relationships.


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