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28th August 2019

Positive Birth Stories – Zoe’s story


When I found out my baby was due around the Christmas and New Year period I immediately knew I didn’t want to spend time in a hospital, potentially on my own, during this time of year.  

Water birth at home

My first 2 births were quick, easy and relatively pain-free (one was a water birth and one a regular delivery), so I knew I was fortunate enough to have my options open when preparing for my 3rd baby.

Rob (my husband), was completely open to the possibility of a home birth so we made the decision fairly early on that this was the route we would go down for the birth.

Water calms me and after having Samuel in water, I knew I wanted a water birth for my 3rd. After researching I tracked down a pool hire company and a birthing pool was delivered to my home about 2 weeks before my due date.

The pool was inflated, the midwives were on call, all I had to do was wait. My due date was 30th December, I was adamant baby wasn’t coming on Christmas Day, as I really wanted to enjoy my Christmas Dinner!  We got through 25th unscathed, no baby, no labour signs and a lovely relaxing day.

And it begins…

I woke on 26th December and started my day as normal. At about 10am I felt some mild discomfort in my abdomen and assumed it was baby moving. My past 2 babies had both been 2 days early and I thought number 3 was following the same pattern so I was convinced it was nothing to be concerned about. 

The next couple of hours passed with the same discomfort then all of a sudden the pain started establishing a pattern and I knew baby was on her way sooner rather than later!

My parents came to collect the older children, although I was having a home birth, I didn’t want them in the house in case there was any need for medical or hospital intervention, and we called the midwife.

Things went so quickly

Midwife number 1 arrived to check me over and discovered I was almost ready to push! (2 midwives are present for a home birth to ensure safety and comfort of mom and baby, so we called number 2 who had to hot foot it round as soon as she could! Cue Rob frantically trying to fill the birthing pool so I could climb in and relax.

What happened next can only be described almost as a comedy show. I’m sure if I’d had had the insight and time-lapsed it, it would have made for some hilarious viewing! 

Rob running backward and forwards trying to get the water hot in the pool, then overfilling it and having to bail water out, midwife number 1 frantically looking for midwife number 2 who was still en route and me floating around in the birthing pool working through my contractions.

It sounds chaotic and stressful, but in reality, it was perfect. Midwife 2 arrived, the pool was a perfect temperature, a few pushes and we had a perfect baby girl, Winter Leilani.

Home comforts

I’d had it in my head since the beginning I wanted my baby in water, I wanted to climb out of the pool, into my own bed then order a pizza and my night went something just like that!

After Winter was born we made our way over to my bed. Winter was quickly checked over, I delivered my placenta, was discreetly stitched up then brought a cup of tea, in my own surroundings, my home, my babies new home, it was perfect.

The midwives quickly cleaned up and left us to enjoy our baby, together. Having a home water birth was the best decision I could have made, the midwives were amazing, the birth was stress-free and simple, and I was surrounded by my own comforts. 

I know alot of people are curious about home births and dismiss them sometimes unnecessarily because they are unsure, or maybe a little nervous about what to expect. I know my birth wasn’t difficult and for that, I’m so so grateful, but I would really encourage other mothers to be in the low-risk bracket to explore the possibility of home birth. It really did make my birth experience special, it even snowed as Winter was born (hence the name!)


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