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Strength Through Yoga – The Circuits (eGuide)

Our brand new Strength Through Yoga eguide is here and it is for EVERY body*.

Are you ready to discover a stronger you in both body and mind?

This programme is for you if you want to:

  • build on your strength and endurance
  • feel better both physically and mentally
  • tone up & lose weight in just 20 minutes, just 3 times a week.
  • improve balance, mobility and flexibility
  • enhance your performance in other sports and forms of exercise
  • prevent injury with evidence based strength training
  • learn how to incorporate mindfulness & meditation into your life
  • relieve and manage stress effectively
  • find out ways to self manage and help common injuries and problems such as back pain, knee pain and wrist pain
  • learn how to modify your yoga practice for common injuries
  • use a holistic approach to self care in both body and mind

Co-written with the incredible physiotherapist Finola Burrell, and reviewed by a team of experts including This Morning’s resident doctor Dr Zoe Williams, Dr Sarah Davies, Surgeon Vikas Vedi, Psychotherapist Anna Mathur and specialist physthiotherapists.  The Circuits will increase your passion and gratitude for your practice whether you are new to yoga, or whether you find yourself being called to the mat daily.

Each circuit is designed to take approximately 20 minutes, just 3 times a week focussing on core, arms or legs. This ensures a full-body approach to building strength in both body and mind.
Strength Through Yoga – The Circuits includes:
  • A 12-week programme – reviewed and recommend by medical experts.
  • A detailed appendix of the poses and exercises to ensure that you fully understand how to perform them correctly and safely.
  • Accessible yoga for EVERY body. Whether you are new to yoga, have practiced for years or are simply looking to vary your self care routine, the foundational exercises and techniques we cover are beneficial for everyone.
  • A pdf, downloadable onto any device so you can take it with you anywhere and easy to do in the comfort of your own home.

We wrote Strength Through Yoga The Circuits to bring together some of the core components of yoga and physiotherapy with a 12 week programme that is evidence based and holistic. The eguide uses yoga inspired drills and postures in 20 minute strength based circuits, three times a week alongside a daily mindfulness practice. One of the biggest obstacles for exercise is time pressures, and so these circuits are designed to fit into a busy lifestyle!

*Please note this guide is not a postnatal or pregnancy fitness guide. For postnatal guidance please see our eguide Strength Through Yoga Postnatal Mind & Body Guide.



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