The Origins of Yoga: Part 2

Patañjali: The Father of Yoga As We Know It The second part of my Origins of Yoga series, and the next crucial stage of the timeline – perhaps the most groundbreaking and transformative for yoga and its integration into society – focuses exclusively on Patañjali, known by some as the Father of Yoga. Patañjali is […]

The Origins of Yoga: Part 1

Adiyogi: The True Yoga Pioneer, or Simply Mythical Folklore? Who is Adiyogi? Standing as one of the largest known bust sculptures in the world, at 112 feet tall, the Adiyogi Shiva statue is a physical representation of the 112 possible outcomes in our life today that can grant us Moksha (freedom).  The statue has three […]

Journal Questions

Journal Questions Journaling is like whispering to one’s self and listening at the same time. Mina Murray from Bram Stoker’s Dracula Journaling and self-reflection are a wonderful way to help creatively document your thoughts and feelings and to help drive them where you want to be – whether or not you think you’re creative. It only […]

Mauritius Wellness Festival

Do you want to come and practice yoga with me in Paradise? I am so excited to announce that I am part of an incredible team putting on an event to remember in the dreamy tropical setting of Mauritius.  Join us on 3-5th May to reconnect with nature, revive your senses and discover new wellness […]