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10 things I wish I knew before starting yoga

I’m not your typical yoga teacher… I didn’t do gymnastics as a child (in fact, I was extremely clumsy), before I started yoga I couldn’t touch my toes and I spent nearly ten years working as an actuary in finance constantly feeling stressed and overwhelmed before doing a 360 and changing my career when pregnant […]

Yoga Unpacked – Part 2

Yoga Unpacked – Part 2 Yoga Unpacked seeks to delve into and myth-bust some famed, and some not-so-famed phenomena in the enchanting and expansive world that is Yoga. Whilst the first blog unravelled some of the key underpinnings and philosophies behind the all-encompassing master of asanas, the Wheel Pose, to get you up and running […]

Yoga Unpacked

Yoga Unpacked The Originator of the Backbend – Urdhva Dhanurasana Urdhva Dhanurasana, or Wheel Pose, is a deep backbend that requires a complex combination of strength and flexibility. So complex in fact, that the intricacies of our nervous system play a major supporting role in the right execution of this technique. It is a wonderful […]

The Origins of Yoga: Part 2

Patañjali: The Father of Yoga As We Know It The second part of my Origins of Yoga series, and the next crucial stage of the timeline – perhaps the most groundbreaking and transformative for yoga and its integration into society – focuses exclusively on Patañjali, known by some as the Father of Yoga. Patañjali is […]

The Origins of Yoga: Part 1

Adiyogi: The True Yoga Pioneer, or Simply Mythical Folklore? Who is Adiyogi? Standing as one of the largest known bust sculptures in the world, at 112 feet tall, the Adiyogi Shiva statue is a physical representation of the 112 possible outcomes in our life today that can grant us Moksha (freedom).  The statue has three […]


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